Content is King

We have already established that freelancing remains to be one of the most flexible jobs around in the 21st century, saving us from the dreaded 8-5 mundane structures out there, and who doesn’t love flexibility? However, with such workplace freedom comes unique challenges tailored especially to academic writing. There is a common habit of becoming too lax in the job,
seeing you are your own boss and you will be surprised at how much this is responsible for many of the problems you have been running into as a writer; from issues of quality, numerous revisions and failure to meet deadlines. In almost every freelancer I have met, there is that “lax phase” that they go through, perhaps after growing too familiar with the job.

Below, I will highlight three mitigations to keep you going as a writer:
Value addition
An order is not just an order. It is common to peruse through instructions, confirm the paper and proceed writing it because hey, it’s a normal day with usual orders. This will happen unconsciously, from developed routines that you will hardly ever put a thought in the paper you are handling. Take the paper as a product you are selling to customers: make it appealing, add value to that paper because this is the only product you will ever sell. Having said that, ensure you not only meet instructions but go that extra mile to make the paper an interesting read.
Explore thoughts; invoke the thought trail of whoever reads your paper.
Content is king
We all agree that what you write is a reflection of you as a writer; your prowess, mastery, and competence. Whenever you get a paper, approach it with curiosity, aim at learning yourself, and you will be surprised by your paper outcomes. The only way that you will be gauged as a writer by both the client and the support team is through your ability to come up with unique content for every order you get. Try and shine in every project you get.
Aim at establishing a relationship
Whenever I am assigned a paper, in the back of my mind, I aim at retaining this customer as my client. Revisions can be tedious for the client and the writer and let us face it; revisions are not our favorite pie. Lucky for you, there is a way to avoid revisions; understanding instructions, following them religiously and asking for clarifications. You may not appreciate a return
customer until it is low season and trust me, they come in handy. In every paper, do your very best and you will soon have clients requesting you as their preferred writer, and that is how you say goodbye to the mundane struggle of a writer in securing orders (insert a smile).
In brief, add value to your papers, always remember content is king and establish a relationship with your every paper and you will love this job (insert another smile).

3 Replies to “Content is King”

  1. Mmmh! I l have loved reading this. It is indeed an encouraging piece towards allowing us (writers) give the best in writing.

  2. Excellent advice, thank you! When I am working on a project, I find it helps to keep the client’s interests in mind. In addition to the benefits that you mention, it also helps to motivate me when I realize that someone is depending on my work for their grade, and that their future depends, in some small way, on the work that I am doing for them.

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