Retaining your Clients


A business cannot work without clients. Even if the product is well packaged and meets all the dimensions of quality, the clients have the onus of determining its success. Establishing a good relationship with your clients will not only delight your clients but also makes them come back for more services. The platform that you set for your clients determines whether your clients will come back or not. The goal of any clients is to get satisfied with services rendered to them. A delighted customer will always come back for your services. Also, they will advertise your exceptional services to 15 other potential customers, making your empire to grow further. An unsatisfied customer will always regret why they engaged your services. Chances of them returning are close to zero.



When you receive an order, and you find that time allocated is not enough, communicate on time. Being open-minded will help the client adjust themselves to ensure that you meet their needs. Again, do not promise what you cannot deliver. If you find that the order is too complicated, be honest with yourself. Communicate with your client and explain your situation. Request for further clarification or any other additional materials that can help you tackle the exercise. Keeping quiet and pretending that everything is okay when things are not will lead you at loggerheads with your clients. The scenario will leave them utterly frustrated and disappointed.


Always strive to deliver the best. When you receive an order, do not work on it just you want to get some few coins for lunch. Work on it as if it is your crucial task. Adhere to all requirements stipulated by your client. Go to the extent of polishing the work further to ensure that the content is error-free. Your services will not only leave your clients satisfied but also delighted. A delighted client means that you delivered beyond their expectation. There is no way such clients will turn their backs on your services. You will always become their first choice whenever they have a task.


Are you that person who at one moment you deliver an excellent job but when engaged another time you provide shoddy work? Clients do not like such services. Clients want a peace of mind in that when they leave you with a task; they do not need to worry about how the job will turn out. Maintaining a continuous flow of good quality work makes clients trust you with their tasks. They will approach you because they believe in what you offer. They won’t hesitate or ask questions before engaging you. In fact, your brand will have a competitive edge and stand out from the rest.


Being readily available ensures that a client can reach you at any time in case there is a burning issue. For instance, revisions are the order of the day in freelance writing. Missing in action when a client wants you to adjust something on their content is one big mistake. Your clients will be left frustrated, and at some point, they may be forced to reassign the task to another freelancer costing them more time and money. Such clients will be anxious to assign you any of their assignments due to the pain they underwent because of your inaccessibility.


Feedback will help you sharpen your skills. As a freelancer, you are a human being. Human beings have weaknesses, some of which you may not realize until pointed out by a third party. Feedback will help you determine if your clients were satisfied with your services. It will also help you iron out any issues that arose during your interaction with your clients. Finally, feedback helps in strengthening the bond between you and your clients.

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