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StudyWriters.com - is hunting for talented individuals who are eager to make money by writing academic and business papers. Since 2014, our cornerstone has been working closely with both our customers and writers to ensure a courteous approach targeted at long-term relations. We are a global company, and we are proud to offer you a money-making opportunity.

Please check the list of the frequently asked questions:

  1. How can I apply for an academic writer position?
    - You can apply by filling out a corresponding section of the front page entitled “Application Form”
  2. I have applied and been given the required personal page, what's next?
    - After you have filled out the application form, you are redirected to the personal account, designed for you on our website; however, in order to become a full-fledged member of our writers’ team – you need to pass the proficiency test, which pops out instantly after registration.
  3. How do I pass the proficiency test, what does it incorporate?
    - Passing the test is only possible with a proper knowledge of general academic tenets of writing, formatting and styles. The test comprises 3 sections: Grammar check; Academic citation-styles check; Writing prompt and Test Paper.
  4. I submitted the test. How long does it take for you to hand out a decision?
    - It takes the writer's department 5-10 days to make a decision with regard to each particular applicant.
  5. What if after 10 days no one has contacted me?
    - If for whatever reason, your application was not addressed, please drop us a line at support@studywriters.com
  6. I was denied in my pursuit of becoming a writer, when can I reapply?
    - You can try reapplying in 9 months, however, do not bother trying to re-apply by using a different email, and name, we have got strong tracing systems which will disclose your attempt of repetitive applications with ease

StudyWriters.com - is a UK-incorporated company, with a headquarter in Glasgow, Scotland. With general queries, you are welcome to contact our support team at support@studywriters.com As pertains to particular orders – please make sure you only reach out to support in your writer’s order page, in order to avoid any misunderstandings.